Whether you are in need of massage therapy,  personal training, rehabilitation, or pain management, my approach will contain a multitude of techniques that I have learned and studied over the years.  Based upon your needs, we will come up with an individual plan that works for you.  No body is the same, therefore, no plan will be the same. However, there are concepts that are the same for all of my clients.  My plans will always consist of these elements:

  • ​Get you moving. 
  • Get you moving well. 
  • Get you moving without pain and dysfunction. 

While your plan will always be individualized to meet your goals, all plans will combine methods that will promote good movement patterns.  Humans move every single day.  Imagine what you could do if full strength and function was restored within your body?  Book with me and find out!

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Group training provides a 5:1 ratio and offers a fun, supportive, and motivating environment. Grab a friend or a few friends and come join the fun!

Group Training                                                         $20/person

Personal training goals are based upon individual needs. Every person is different and there is no "one size fits all" program.  We will come up with a plan together to meet YOUR needs!

Personal Training                                                     $40/session

My Approach

Massage Therapy  

***Please note I am out of commission until the fall due to an injury***

​I have someone taking over my appointments at the salon. Her name is Kyle Brooks and she can be reached at 443.514.4399. 

Each massage is customizable to YOUR needs.      

***My massage studio is located inside Sapphire Salon in Clarksville. 6374 Ten Oaks Rd Clarksville MD.*** 



Pain? Dysfunctional Patterns?  Injured?  I offer movement assessments and treatment programs.  Contact me for more information. 

I offer affordable packages that can bring the cost of each session down.  Please contact me to put together a package today!

Clinical Assessments                    CONTACT ME!


Individual Packages-  Pack of 4- $140

                                               Pack of 8- $240


Group Packages- Pack of 4- $75

​                                      Pack of 8- $120